New Range Bag/Vise Combo

    For many of us, getting some target practice more closely resembles a mass exodus of guns and gear than it does a simple trip to the local range. Even moreso when it comes to getting that target practice at a favored outdoor shooting spot, because then you’re even more compelled to pack every possible piece of gear just in case it’s needed. Of course, there’s a certain logic behind careful packing. There’s not much more infuriating than a range day ruined by a loose optic and no tools to tighten it or a worn-out magazine and no other magazine in sight to replace it. So for those interesting in orderly packing and the latest gear and gadgets, there’s the new range bag and vise combo from Battenfeld Technologies.

    The new bag is called the Tipton Transporter Range Vise, and although it may sound like it’s, well, a vise, it’s more than that. The Tipton Transporter is a combination vise and range bag designed to clamp onto any surface up to 3 5/8″ thick. The bag is capable of holding up to 40 pounds and can be used as a standard carry bag for gear when disassembled. It comes with two over-molded forks meant to be used as supports for a long gun (the suggestion made by the company is to use these supports during cleaning). There are also three pockets designed to hold pistols and three molded spots on the outside to allow long guns to be leaned more securely against the bag. As an added bonus there’s even a drink holder on one end. The bag’s usable space measures 9″x20″x9″ while its overall footprint is 11.5″x23″x9″.


    We’ve all been in the position where we needed access to gear and had to get up and dig for it – or just didn’t have it at all. And we’ve probably also all been in the position where we wanted to lean our long guns against something but there was no available object they didn’t simply slide away from. There are some definite pros to the setup of the Tipton Transporter, and while it may not be sufficient on its own when it comes to sheer quantity of gear, it does offer features many range bags do not.

    MSRP $69.99. 

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