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    For years gun cases have been seen as nothing more than a receptacle used to transport firearms from Point A to Point B. Of course, they’re far more than that  for many of us. As someone who shoots and hunts for work, I can attest to the fact that my gun cases are about a lot more than just holding a gun. Cases end up holding paracord, knives, holsters, ammo – you name it, if it’s gun or hunting-related gear, it’ll find its way into the gun case. Enter the newest offering from Allen Company: the Gear Fit gun case.

    The Gear Fit is designed specifically to carry more than just a gun, and it’s designed for more than simply shoving items into a random assortment of pockets. Allen Company has taken its cases one step further by creating this new gun case to hold specific items. According to the company, the items they took into consideration when making the Gear Fit include – but are certainly not limited to – shooting targets, target stands, ammo, cleaning kits and assorted accessories, clothing, game calls, hunting-related scent, and eye and ear pro.

    Kelly Day, Director of Sales for Allen Company, had this to say about the new case: “Gun cases have traditionally been viewed as a temporary protector for the firearm and optics located inside. You simply used them as a short-term carrier for transporting guns to the range or field. Now, with Gear Fit, you can protect your firearms and have a place to house all your range or field accessories during that transportation. It’s like having both a gun case and range bag rolled up into one product.”

    Considering how many times I’ve had various gear fall out of an ill-fitting pocket or become somehow crumpled, bent, or lost it would be great to have a gun case with pockets sized with specific gear in mind.

    The Gear Fit is being offered in several lengths including 48″, 50″, and 52″. Models are made for both rifles and shotguns. MSRP not yet listed.

    Visit Allen Company’s website for a look at their entire product line:

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