Firearms Food for Thought: The Best Long Gun for Home Defense

    When it comes to home defense, your idea of sleeping well at night might just be a pistol within arm’s reach. Then again, you might be among those who favors long guns for home defense (or perhaps you do both). If you do utilize a long gun, do you have a preference?

    For decades the answer to home defense was a shotgun, typically of the 12-gauge variety. Take it a step further and it’s easy – and likely accurate – to presume the logic behind having a shotgun wasn’t just the devastating wound cavity. It was also believed there was a psychological twist to hearing a pump action getting to work. Today there are two sides of the argument when it comes to whether or not there’s any side benefit to a would-be assailant or thief hearing a pump. For example, shouldn’t you be prepared before the intruder is in your general vicinity? Is it really worth hopefully gaining a psychological edge by losing the advantage of time? Of course, that’s an argument for another day.

    In recent years rifles have gained popularity for home defense; more specifically, ARs. Shotguns still have an edge when it comes to numbers sold for the purpose, but ARs are being used with increasing frequency. You can take the semi-auto component out by realizing shotguns also come in semi-auto, but then there’s capacity. And regardless of the gun there’s the issue of over-penetration. The last thing you want is to send a projectile tearing through a door or wall, injuring or killing the very family members you’re trying to protect.

    Which do you prefer, a shotgun or a rifle? Why? Or do you leave the long guns for hunting and the range, relying only on handguns to defend your castle?

    TFB Staffer

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