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Tac Shield Introduces a New 2-Point Padded Sling https://sagewoodgear.com/quick-ship-gear/accessories/clip-hanger/ The New ITS TraumaQuick Rapid Access System Trauma Kit TACTACAM's all New Spotter LR Spotting Camera The New RMP Series Rigid Organizational Panel by Grey Man Tactical Primary and secondary

Are We Gearing Up to Lose the Next War? Overmatch, Part 2: Bullets & Backbreakers

In the rush to augment the infantry’s firepower with new advanced small arms technologies, we may be on the precipice of crippling their ability to fight wars. The push to equip the infantryman with more powerful rifles and machine guns risks reducing his mobility [Read More…]

Hunting Gear: ScentPURGE BigMOUTH Bag

To some hunting season is right around the corner and for others it’s year-round; whenever and wherever you hunt, this new bag might interest you. This is more than just a bag for toting stuff around, though. It’s the ScentPURGE BigMOUTH Bag, and if it [Read More…]