POTD: Playing Terrorist

Steve Johnson
by Steve Johnson

The UK Metropolitan Police have been carrying out training exercises simulating a Paris-style terrorist attack. The above photo shows two UK Police Officers dressed as terrorists, one armed with an AK, the other with an AK and a MP5. Controversially in Britain “the Met”, which polices the Greater London area, have told their officers that during a terrorist attack they should first neutralize nearby terrorists before helping wounded civilians and police.uk

Seems like a sensible course of action.

Thanks to Trev for sharing.

Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson

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  • Graham2 Graham2 on Dec 04, 2015

    Sorry to be picky but they've both got MP5s.

  • Phil Ward Phil Ward on Dec 04, 2015

    Speaking as a Brit, I am very surprised that this wasn't already part of the SOP and reading the article, it seems that the "controversy" has been sparked by the PR person involved...

    • Randomer Randomer on Dec 04, 2015

      @Phil Ward It has been since Mumbai nationally and longer than that in some forces (mid to late 90's in line with American thinking where some forces realised they didn't have enough firearms officers on duty to try and contain so the only option was to advance and neutralise).

      Its just that the Met in particular seem to be launching a bigger PR exercise announcing the fact more openly. Part of me things it might be part of a deterrence strategy.

      Some of the county forces have openly held exercises practicing this sort of thing for several years without much press interest apart from local papers, just that most big media is London centric so it is getting more attention now.