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UK Government Proposes a Flat-Out Ban on Lead Shot in Ammunition UK Purchases AKs To Train Ukrainian Troops Marlin Lever Gun Stocks by British Form Rifle Stocks main (2) Tips on Importing Antique Firearms Into the United States (1) NCA weapons seized cache NCA New Tactical Rifle Stock by Dolphin Gun Company of UK (1) West Mercia Armed police Birmingham replica gun gang

UK Gun Supply Gang Jailed

A UK gang that supplied criminals with illegally converted replica firearms has been jailed. The gang converted blank firing replicas, selling them on to local gangs. The gang of three were sentenced to a combined 52 years behind bars on 5th September. The gang, led by [Read More…]

Smuggled P2000 Hailsham gun factory British Transport Police armed

A Belt-Fed Bren Gun with a Fatal Flaw: The Experimental X11E4 at The Armourer’s Bench

After World War II, the UK sought to modernize its small arms, many of which were based on designs originating from before the First World War. For its medium machine gun, the British were still using the reliable but increasingly obsolete Vickers water cooled gun in [Read More…]

London Best: William Evans Gun Room

William Evans is one of the London Gunmakers and has been around since 1883. Their primary gun room is located in the Mayfair district of London, just down the road from some of the other Gunmakers, such as Holland & Holland and James Purdey & Sons. The company sports an outstanding array of [Read More…]