High Tower Armory Windowed 25 Round 10/22 Mags

    High Tower Armory is known for their P90-like bullpup stock kits for the Ruger 10/22 that have been on the market for a while, I actually have one of their kits that I used for one of my old 10/22s and I really like it. Well they’ve recently announced that they have their own windowed 25-round magazine on the way for the 10/22.¬†Ruger has their popular BX-25 magazines for the 10/22, what makes the HTA RM-25 mags so different?

    The biggest feature of the HTA RM-25 is the window along the side, it also has steel feed lips for reliability. The other feature with the the HTA RM-25 is the ability to configure it in two different modes, standard and finger assisted reload, or what High Tower calls rapid reload mode. Rapid reload mode basically allows you to remove the window and access the follower from the side to allow you to reload the mag much faster. They’ll work with their bullpup stock kits as well as with standard Ruger 10/22 rifles.¬†They’re made in the USA and retail for $29.99, they’ll not for sale as of yet but they will be available in black and flat dark earth. Visit hightowerarmory.com and check out the video below for more details.

    The HTA RM-25 is a windowed 10/22 magazine utilizes field proven concepts like steel feed lips, toolless disassembly, round counter, and finger assisted loading and combines them in a radically new way to offer users the hands-down most adaptive and reliable magazine on the market. The patent pending RM-25 features steel feed lips for a lifetime of use, incredibly durable polymer construction, and translucent windows to allow the shooter to know exactly how many rounds are left. To optimize performance in a variety of situations, the RM-25 can be configured in two modes: standard and finger assisted reload. In the standard configuration, the windows remain installed and the magazine is optimized for activities such as hunting and competition shooting where the ingress of the elements, dirt, or other debris could negatively affect the performance of the magazine at a critical time. When the windows are removed and the follower extension pin is installed, the magazine is in finger assisted reload mode and is optimized for high volume shooting activities including plinking and training where loading the magazine in a conventional manner takes longer and fatigues the loading hand. The RM-25 therefore allows the user to choose which configuration is desirable in any situation and convert without tools if necessary. Made in the USA.



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