POTD: International Special Operations Forces Exercise Flaming Sword

Eric B
by Eric B

Photo Of The Day and we have some images from the Lithuanian Armed Forces during the International Special Operations Forces Exercise Flaming Sword 2024. This event included training with laser-guided bombs dropped from B52s as well as submarine-supported diver tasks.

The standard service rifle of the Lithuanian Armed Forces is the Heckler & Koch G-36 KA4, and the standard pistol is the Glock 17. The Special Operations Forces are equipped with a variety of weapons, for instance, the H&K MP5 submachine guns with various modifications, G36K and HK416 carbines.

As you can see, several Special Forces units were involved.

Some captions from the event:

Conducted on May 13-31, international special operations training event, Exercise Flaming Sword 2024, focused on keeping interoperability and readiness for special operations at tops heights. Over 1600 participants from 14 NATO Allies were given an opportunity to execute special forces operations in response to a range of different threats in the Baltic states’ airspace, land and territorial sea, as well as cyber and information space, quickly and effectively as a coalition.

Exercise Flaming Sword 2024 involved the Joint Air Force Component, formed by the Boeing B-52 Stratofortress strategic bomber, F18 fighter aircraft of the Spanish Air Force and F16 fighter aircraft of the Portuguese Air Force detachments conducting the NATO Air Policing Mission in Lithuania, ensuring air supremacy and support to operations. While combat divers of the Special operations Command of the Bundeswehr conducted their first-ever tasks in the Baltic Sea and ashore supported by a submarine. Combat divers of the Special Operations Forces of Denmark also trained at Flaming Sword 2024.

The Lithuanian Armed Forces are also equipped with machine guns, including the GPMG MG-3, the FN MAG, and the 12.7mm (.50 cal.) M-2 QCB. They also employ AT-4 and Carl Gustav anti-tank grenade launchers, H&K GMG high-velocity grenade launchers, and low-velocity AG-36 under-the-barrel grenade launchers.

Photo credits: Lithuanian Armed Forces, Special Operations Forces.

Eric B
Eric B

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  • Leon Simmons Leon Simmons on Jun 15, 2024

    I only see LWRCs, with no mention of them in the article… kinda shady.

  • SkorpionFan SkorpionFan on Jun 15, 2024

    "M-2 QCB"?
    I read that as "M-2 CQB". Wait, there's a short-barrelled, hand-held 50-cal M-2 for close-quarters battle (CQB)?? He'll yeah!

    Oh, wait, never mind.