C&H Precision Debuts Scope Tube Mounts For Micro Dots

Daniel Y
by Daniel Y
C&H Precision Debuts Scope Tube Mounts For Micro Dots

C&H Precision has a new series of scope tube mounts for micro red dot optics. They are available in a range of tube diameters and footprints. Let’s take a closer look at the feature set.

Optics @ TFB:

C&H offers three different footprints for the scope tube mount, including the Aimpoint ACRO, Holosun K, and Trijicon RMR patterns. Those three options cover the vast majority of popular optics on the market today. C&H also sells a range of red dot sights that are compatible with the Holosun K and ACRO footprints. One note for the Trijicon RCR is that the mounting screws are patented, and C&H is unable to make them for this mount.

All three of those footprints are available in either 30mm or 34mm diameters for use on most popular rifle scopes. Because these mounts include a full ring, they can be placed at any position along the main tube of the scope. Unlike ring cap mounts, this style of scope tube mount can sit at any “clock position” around the tube.

All three footprints are available now directly from C&H Precision. All models retail for $74.95. Each model includes both parts of the ring and an assortment of screws for mounting compatible red dots.

From the manufacturer:

Get on target fast with our new scope tube mount adapter for your 30 or 34mm scope. This rugged, aircraft grade aluminum mount is precision machined for your favorite pistol red dot sight and will allow seamless transitioning of optics so you can get on target fast without needing to adjust the zoom on your scope.

All images from C&H.

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