Adcor Defense MSR Polymer "Dust-Wipe" BCG

Nathan S
by Nathan S

Adcor Defense has been teasing on their Facebook page their “Dust-Wiper” polymer bolt carrier group. Originally introduced in their BEAR rifles, the polymer cover assists with “wiping” dust and debris from the bolt carrier during cycling after the dust cover itself has been released.

Their Facebook page has teased pre-orders, but the website does not currently have the cover or any pricing listed. Adcor has stated that they will be releasing complete bolt carrier groups and just the carrier.

Hit up their Facebook page for a chance to win the first cover off the production line.

Click the photo to be taken to their page.
Nathan S
Nathan S

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  • Mack Mack on Jan 07, 2015

    This isn't really a wiper, i don't know why they call it that. I call it more of a dust cover for when my dust cover is open! it seals up the chamber completely even when the dust cover is flipped open. For civilians probably not much of a use, for military, i could see it useful when sand is blowing. doesn't hurt having one more line of defense that doesn't sacrifice anything.

    • Couch Ninja Couch Ninja on Jan 09, 2015

      @Mack Very well said Mack. Couldn't have explained it better.

  • Couch Ninja Couch Ninja on Jan 09, 2015

    ADCOR is posting that the first 100 Bolt Carriers with the polymer piece goes on sale for a $100 bucks at noon, est East Coast time.