Heckler and Koch Rolls Out Limited Edition MR27 Tribute Gun

Daniel Y
by Daniel Y

Heckler & Koch Is (finally) offering a “clone” of the United States Marine Corps M27 IAR. The new MR27 is based on the familiar MR556 but with added features from the USMC version. Let’s take a look.

Heckler & Koch @ TFB:

H&K only plans to produce 1,000 MR27 rifles. Some reports indicate that 500 will be plain rifles and 500 will include the full deployment kit, but that is not confirmed. MSRP for the standard MR27 without the deployment kit is $4,399. The full deployment kit sells for $9,499 and includes a hard case, the correct ACOG with RMR, Harris bipod, and rail covers. The MR27 is hitting shelves now, so keep an eye out for it.

Check Prices on H&K MR27 Rifles

From the manufacturer:

In 2010, the US Marine Corps adopted the HK M27 as its new Infantry Automatic Rifle (IAR). the rifle is names for the 1st Marine Division, 2nd Battalion, 7th Regiment, that tested the rifle and IAR concept for more than a decade. Replacing the M249 for rifle squads, the M27 was once declared, :the most tested weapon in the history of the Marine Corps.”

The M27 has proven itself again and again, from the test ranges at Twentynine Palms to the Global War on Terror – and beyond. With its precision, durability, and reliability, the M27 expanded beyond the initial role of IAR. The M27 is fielded today as an IAR, precision rifle, general infantry rifle, and most recently as a short-barreled upper receiver Reconnaissance Weapons Kit (RWK).

Now civilians can own a piece of Marine Corps history with a limited-run HK MR27, a civilian-legal tribute to the M27. the MR27 uses the same HK DNA and offers the battlefield-proven reliability, durability, and precision of a worth homage to such a proven military rifle.

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Daniel Y
Daniel Y

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  • Superfamily Allosauridae Superfamily Allosauridae on May 20, 2024

    There is nothing redeemable about this. I have one, for normal Mr556 prices. There are only two unique things about this gun separating it from a normal MR556 several years ago:
    the lower markings
    the stock is USMC type, with a roll pin that prevents you from removing the buttpad and using the storage compartment.

    That's it.
    The barrel profile is MR556 heavy profile, used to be standard.
    Handguard is like $300, always available pretty much.
    A1 birdcage flash hider for some reason.
    Barrel is not chrome lined nor nitrided or anything.
    Correct HK pistol grip

    Everything else is the same as a current production MR556. I got one and a MR556 from PSA for a much better price. Both guns have 3 SNs, one for lower, another for upper, a third for bolt carrier and bolt. So now, between my two MRs, I have six HK SNs. Ok! Sure!

    The barrel cannot take a bayonet lug without modification to the barrel or the lug.

    I'm gonna rebarrel my two rifles to turn them into M27s, each barrel costing about $700 from Nefarious Arms. What a worthless "tribute rifle".

    SDOs are about $2k, PEQ-16 lasers are about $2k, KAC irons are about $200 for a set, sling is like $50, bipod is like $150, bayonet lug is $70.

  • Triggerpuller Triggerpuller on May 20, 2024

    I picked one up as soon as it hit my LGS the other day. Is it worth, near as makes no difference, $10K- Not sure- It is a great kit and the time energy spent trying to build a clone it isn't something that I have right now in my life. So it is easier for me to spend the 10k get a rifle that is similar to the rifle I deployed with as a Marine.

    And as someone mentioned it comes with a challenge coin sooooo...

    I did whip a few rounds through it and it is a good rifle. Recoil mitigation is great and it is accurate. I'll have more time this coming weekend to put it through its paces.

    I get some may balk at the price but it isn't that expensive to me- I have spent far more on things that ended up being far less enjoyable. I also have two MR762 one is the LRP version the other just regular Mr762. I replaced the Vortex scope on it with an ATACR 1-18 LPVO. The MR762s for now are going to be my SHTF rifles.

    I have a couple of LWRCI SBR'd and suppressed for home defense but generally prefer AR10 type rifles for anything outside of the home.