WarFairy Charon 3D Printed AR15 Lower

    Remember the WarFairy 3D printable AR lowers we posted a while ago? (You can see themĀ here and here). Well it looks like someone actually made one, and test fired it too. It didn’t go too smoothly however, check out the creators notes and video below.


    These pictures show my 3D printed AR15 lower which I plan to test out this evening. I started with the WarFairy Charon design, and made my own modifications (different/larger buttpad for my desired length of pull, beefed up front takedown pin area and bolt release pin area), and printed it out of ABS using my XYZPrinters Da Vinci 1.0 consuming approximately 1 spool of 600g. I plan to do the first test fire tonight, fingers crossed! And yes, this is entirely legal for me to make / possess where I am, and this firearm conforms to all ATF rules like any other AR15 lower.

    UPDATE: Trying to get the buffer tube opened up (it was binding when I ran the charging handle by hand) I must have just thumped it or pushed it wrong, and I split it in half through the trigger pin. And out here at my relative’s house where I was planning to shoot, apparently there is no Acetone around, so I will have to glue it back together at home tonight and try to test it tomorrow. http://i.imgur.com/IfiQcnc.jpg

    UPDATE 2: I have things gluing back together now, and hopefully I will get to take a shot with it tomorrow evening. Here is a picture of the 3D printed Lower (red) with the Upper I intend to run on it, lined up with a purchased AR15 (black) which has a bumpfire stock mounted on it, which I 3D printed too. And a banana for scale. http://i.imgur.com/fFCbBpQ.jpg

    Much information about this can be found in my previous thread based on my image gallery of this: http://www.reddit.com/r/guns/comments/2klpes/my_3d_printed_warfairy_charon_variant_ar15_which/

    I figured it needed a new thread for this video. It still has some issues with failure to feed due to drag in the buffer tube, and after six shots it split vertically through the rear takedown pin as shown here: http://i.imgur.com/0ajipfx.jpg But, being 3D printed ABS, I believe I can just get some acetone down into that split and have it re-bond successfully. However, I may retire this one to be a wall trophy as my first 3D printed firearm, and focus on redesigning and printing a new and improved one instead of continuing to re-bond this one every time it breaks.



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