WarFairy’s Latest Additions To The Charon Line Of Printable AR-15s

    3D Printer-extraordinaire WarFairy has expanded his P90-styled Charon printable AR-15 lower from a single design into an entire line of printable rifle and pistol lowers.

    The original Charon receiver design has been upgraded to version 0.2. The updated model features a thicker magazine well with a finger hook (I am sure someone more knowledgable than I can explain in the comments below what finger hooks are for … ).

    The most exciting new addition to the Charon line is the Carbine, Adjustable Stock. The stock on this model slides out from under the buffer tube to adjust the length of pull. The length of pull is adjustable from 11.3″ to 14.4″.

    Carbine, Adjustable Stock, Mockup

    There are now two Charon pistol models. The first is the unbuffered model (pictured at the top of this post). Lacking a buffer tube, this lower requires a bufferless upper receiver. It would work with a Rock River Arms LAR-PDS Pistol upper (although the uppers are not sold separately),  Faxon Arms ARAK-21 upper or a standard pistol upper with a CMMG .22LR Conversion kit installed.

    The buffered lower version of the Charon is suitable for regular buffered uppers. If anyone knows of commercially available short buffer tubes that are reliable, let Warfairy know in the comments so he can create a shortened version of the buffered upper.

    Buffered Pistol Receiver

    Wairfairy has also created a modified version of the DefCad v5 AR-15 lower. It incorporates his magwell strengthening.

    AR-15 Receiver


    The Fairy has told me he is hard at work on his next release. He is looking at making a bullpup AR-15 lower receiver inspired by the long-awaited but never-delivered Magpul PDR.

    The Whole Family

    Send Space are hosting the printable model files. Print away! (where legal to do so).

    Steve Johnson

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