WarFairy’s 3D Printable AR-15 Bullpup

    3D printing has been growing in popularity recently with 3D printed firearms and accessories making headlines over the past year or two. Well here’s an awesome new design that’s been released recently by WarFairy over on Reddit. Dubbed the Hanuman AR-15 Bullpup, it’s still just a prototype and requires the use of a buffer less upper (like the ARAK-21 or Rock River Arms PDS Carbine) or an upper with a .22lr conversion kit. The configuration up top is with an SBR upper with an overall length of 20″ with the configuration below sporting a 16″ upper with an overall length of 26.5″. Both configurations are just for display purposes as they’re not buffer less uppers. There is no safety so printing one out is at your own risk. Check out more pictures of the new AR-15 bullpup here. Check out WarFairy’s past creations here.


    After entirely too long of a development cycle, I give you the Hanuman AR-15 Bullpup. It is very much a prototype, lacking a safety and adjustable LOP (outside of interchangeable butt pads), but should work without issue.

    It requires a bufferless upper to function, such as the ARAK-21 or Rock River Arms PDS Carbine, or a regular upper with a CMMG Style .22LR Conversion installed.

    The entire lower weighs 1.45 pounds when created in ABS, so material cost will be between 20 and 40 dollars depending on the cost of your material.

    It is being released concurrently with the new FOSSCAD MegaPack V4.7 (Aramaki), along with a whole mess of new designs from a bunch of designers as well as myself.

    To see the new stuff included in the Pack:

    DOWNLOAD LINK for MegaPack V4.7 (Aramaki):

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