G2R Radically Invasive Projectile: 9-Part 9mm Segmented Hollow Point

    The G2 Research 9mm RIP round has been making waves online over the weekend. The company claims its 96 gr copper bullet is “the last round you will ever need”. The design is inspired by a triangular tipped surgical tool called the Trocar. It has 8 segmented spikes which break off as the bullet enters its target, while the solid base continues on its original trajectory.

    This is not the first segmented bullet round to have been developed. Two examples of segmented bullets designed to break apart are the popular CCI .22 Long Rifle Segmented HP round and the Winchester PDX1 Segmented Slug. The theory behind these rounds is that many pieces cause more internal damage and hemorrhaging than one solid slug. The downside is that the remaining bullet has significantly less mass after the spikes break off. The solid copper bullet weighs 96 gr in total. After the spikes are dispersed you are left with a 9mm caliber 50 gr slug boring through the target. If this round was a regular hollow point, it would have expanded to 13mm but retained all 96 grain of weight.

    G2R RIP vs. Pumpkin.

    G2R RIP vs. Pumpkin.


    So the question is wether or not one 50 gr 9mm slug + eight (lets say 6 gr) spikes is more damaging than a single 96 grain 13mm slug? I can’t say I know the answer. We are reaching out the company to ask if they are willing to send us some test ammunition. If they are willing to supply it, we will test it and share the results with y’all.

    The G2R RIP should be on the market soon in 9mm, with .380 ACP, .357 SIG, .40 S&W and .45 ACP coming later. Pricing has not been announced. 

    Steve Johnson

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