Blaser R8

Steve Johnson
by Steve Johnson

The R8 is the latest rifle from high-end German rifle maker Blaser. Today I had the opportunity to shoot the R8 and was suitably impressed.

The R8 uses the standard Blaser straight-pull bolt system. Where it deviates from the other rifles in the Blaser stable is its trigger and magazine design.


The trigger blade is incorporated into the detachable magazine. I cannot think of another rifle that has ever had this weird configuration. The reason for this is it allows a very compact design. The downside is that the magazines probably cost a small fortune!

The trigger does not have a reset spring. Instead it is rest by the bolt when cycled. This reduces the chance of losing game because the trigger system was dirty or frozen and failed to reset.

The rifle comes in a range of models. The Jaeger, Luxus, Attaché, Baronesse, Safari PH and Safari Luxus will be available in the US. Starting price is about $10,000.

[ Thanks to Morten for emailing me info about this rifle ].

Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson

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