Blaser R8 Chassis Made by Russian Belyj Veter Stocks

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While doing a research in Russian online resources, I came across a small local company called Belyj Veter Stocks. Pavel, the owner of the company is also the designer of all the products they make. Perhaps the most significant one in their current product line is the aluminum chassis made for Blaser R8 rifles.

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The Belyj Veter chassis is machined out of aircraft grade aluminum and has an anodized finish of black or grey color. The designer points out that the main body of the chassis is made of single piece of aluminum to be as rigid as possible. He claims that the stock works perfectly with all standard Blaser R8 calibers. If you look at the caliber options of the R8 rifles on the Blaser website, you’ll see that they are offered in a huge variety of calibers starting from .204 Ruger up to .338 Lapua Magnum.

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The chassis also features a skeletonized stock which folds to the right side of the rifle. All the springs and other hardware used in the folding mechanism and elsewhere on this chassis are made of stainless steel. The cheek rest and buttpad heights are adjustable. The length of pull can be adjusted by using Accuracy International buttstock spacers. There is also a Picatinny rail section at the very front of the forearm for mounting a bipod.

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As you can see in the images, the chassis allows to have a free floated barrel. There is also a level built into the chassis, right behind the bolt. The Belyj Veter chassis weights about 2 kilograms (4 lbs 6 oz). The overall length is 75 centimeters (29.5″) and the length with the stock folded is 51 cm (20″).

In order to install the Blaser R8 action into this chassis, you simply need to disassemble the barrel, the bolt and the magazine/trigger mechanism assembly and reinstall these parts into the Belyj Veter chassis with the standard installation procedures. Here is a video showing the installation process.

This Blaser R8 chassis is available in Russia and Europe. The price in Russia is 170,000 rubles which is about $2,770. Currently, they don’t ship it to the US.

Hrachya H
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