New Blaser R8 Ultimate X Rifle with 10 Round Magazines

    Blaser R8 Ultimate X

    There is a new Blaser R8 and its name is Ultimate X. The “X” stands for the magazine capacity of 10 rounds, with both the standard and magnum magazines. I have been very tempted to order a Blaser for my hunting ventures, and it was so close to Santa ordering one for me last Christmas. There’s a reason for everything, and as I read the news about this new model I’m quite happy Santa made me wait.

    Blaser @ TFB:


    The features of the Ultimate X are much closer to what I really wanted. Depending on the configuration I could probably use the Ultimate X for everything from a thermal/night vision boar hunting platform to long-distance PRS-style shooting.

    Here is the description from Blaser:


    Training, competition, driven hunt: The R8 Ultimate X makes the wish of many hunters and shooters – to have a R8 with a larger capacity – come true. Thanks to an ingenious idea, it is now possible to fit a magazine with a capacity of 10 rounds into the rifle. The new design allows enough space even for larger magnum cartridges, too. In order to increase the magazine capacity, the trigger system has been removed from the rifle’s magazine unit and has been incorporated into a newly developed extension of the receiver instead.

    Blaser X

    The Blaser saddle mount can still be used with the R8 Ultimate X. Due to the slightly increased length of the rifle, it may be necessary to adjust the eye relief to the optics according to individual preferences. The standard available configuration consists of an adjustable comb, an adjustable recoil pad or the new Compact recoil pad and a match bolt handle ball. With the new compact recoil pad, a fixed stock length of 350 mm can be easily realized on the R8 Ultimate.

    Discover now:


    Compact, thought out construction:

    A new component, inserted between stock and receiver, makes room for the extended magazine.

    Changing the magazine easily and fast:

    The extended magazines can easily be removed by pressing the lateral push-buttons.

    Depending on the cartridge length, the 10 round magazines feature an adapted bolt catch. The result: minimum bolt travel!

    Intuitive grip with all shooting positions:

    When repeating fast, a bolt handle extension provides the completely intuitive operation of the bolt handle.

    Discover the new R8 Ultimate X on our YouTube channel.

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    For more information check here:

    What do you think about the new rifle?

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