New Federal loads optimized for M1A, M1 Garand and AR-10 .338 rifles

    Federal have produced two new loads, under the American Eagle brand, for the M1A (M14) and M1 Garand rifles. The cartridges have staked primers and the powders used were chosen with the rifle’s specific gas system design in mind.

    The M1 (.30-06) load pushes a 150 grain FMJ bullet at 2740 fps fps and the M1A (7.62x51mm NATO) load a 168 grain Open Tip Match (OTM) bullet at 2650 fps.


    Also from Federal is a Power-Shok hunting load optimized for AR-10 style rifles chambered in .338 Federal. The loads pushes a 200 grain soft point at 2700 fps.

    Steve Johnson

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