Is the top secret Benelli Vinci shotgun the KRISS MVS?

Steve Johnson
by Steve Johnson

At the end of the month Benelli will be unveiling their much hyped Vinci shotgun, which they hail as a revolution in shotgun design. A commenter on my last post about the firearm said he knew that it in fact uses the KRISS MVS operating mechanism.
The KRISS MVS, which is currently vaporware, makes use of a downward ejecting / feeding operating system designed to reduce felt recoil. I have searched in vain for more information other than this tiny diagram (I enlarged it below) and a single paragraph of text.

From TDI:

TDI is in final development of what will be the most innovative breakthrough in auto-loading shotgun operating systems in more than 100 years. The KRISS MVS 12ga. shotgun will be chambered to 3″, feature a downward eject/feed system, and in keeping with the tradition of the KRISS Super V System, will reduce felt recoil and barrel elevation by as much as 50% over competitve gas or mechanically-operated auto-loaders and will be the fastest-cycling and lightest weapon in its class. No matter if your passion is the field, the pond or the range, please stay tuned to this site and look for the introduction of the KRISS MVS 12ga. at the 2008 ShotShow in Las Vegas..

From what I can see it makes use of a buffer tube in the stock like the AR-15, other than that I cannot make anything out apart from the obvious fact that it has a tube magazine. I cannot see any similarities to the KRISS Super V submachine gun. As far as I know it was not shown at SHOT Show 2008 but if it was, nobody has been talking and no photos were leaked onto the internet.

I tried to following up the comment and find out the source of this information but the commenter never got back to me. It seems plausible.

UPDATE: A reputable source (who shall forever remain anonymous) has told me that the KRISS MVS is not the basis for the Vinci.

Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson

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  • FireBlaster FireBlaster on Mar 30, 2009

    Just got back from a biz trip in Italy and -- sure enough -- everybody's talking about the new Vinci. Seems to be quite a phenomenal gun featuring unprecedented technology. I've also heard the KRISS rumour but cannot confirm it.

    We'll just have to sit tight for a couple more days.

  • Richard grinnell Richard grinnell on Nov 01, 2009

    I just bought a new benelli vinci and have only a few rounds through it,Ishot a 3"mag and was It recoiled like any other shot gun I owen in fact the trigger guard came back into my finger so hard it hurt,I have herd that some goose hunters up north put tape on there finger.Looking for some input.