Benelli: new secret "Vinci" shotgun

Steve Johnson
by Steve Johnson

Benelli gets new media. They have a new website that is very aesthetically pleasing and modern with some nice touches like providing their promotion videos in the iPod format.

Benelli are utilizing the web to hype the “next generation hunting shotgun” which will be unveiled on March 31.

A dedicated “Vinci” website has movie clips showing a secret agent dodging AK-47 wielding thugs carrying a box that supposedly contains the new shotgun.

Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson

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  • Anthony Anthony on Feb 20, 2009

    I know what they've been working on, and, it's likely to be what the new shotgun Vinci is. They've been working with TDI, the makers of the KRISS-V sub machine gun, to build their KRISS MVS Shotgun. The discription is as follows:

    "KRISS MVS Shotgun: TDI is in final development of what will be the most innovative breakthrough in auto-loading shotgun operating systems in more than 100 years. The KRISS MVS 12ga. shotgun will be chambered to 3", feature a downward eject/feed system, and in keeping with the tradition of the KRISS Super V System, will reduce felt recoil and barrel elevation by as much as 50% over competitve gas or mechanically-operated auto-loaders and will be the fastest-cycling and lightest weapon in its class. No matter if your passion is the field, the pond or the range, please stay tuned to this site and look for the introduction of the KRISS MVS 12ga. at the 2008 ShotShow in Las Vegas..."

    This is why the whole thing is such a big secret. It's a completely new opporating system that will change the face of the semi-auto shotgun. Really, you must check this out.
    when you're done, you can read up on the operating mechinism that's going to run it in the Tech section.

  • Chandler Chandler on Mar 26, 2009

    lol watch it be a single shot