TDI KRISS Super V XSMG .45 ACP Submachine Gun

Steve Johnson
by Steve Johnson

Defense Review have tried out the soon to be released TDI KRISS Super V XSMG .45 ACP Submachine gun.

The gun has a very interesting design which makes it more controllable in full auto. They say it is a modern Thompson submachine gun and will compete with the H&K UMP 45.

Some facts about the KRISS

– Available in the first quarter 2008.

– 800 RPM cyclic rate

– Magazine initially 13 round. A 30 and 45/50 round magazine are in development.

– Weighs a little over five pounds

– A semi version will be offered to the public.

More here.

Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson

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  • Mark Mark on Jul 11, 2011

    Ok, this is the Mark that previously wrote on this page. Since I got my KRISS back, albeit a long time, it has functioned flawlessly. Not one issue and i've probably put almost a 1000 rounds through it. Although I was not impressed with the length of time to get my rifle back,about 2 months, I was impressed that the gunsmith personaly called me and let me know what was going on and why. The rifle had some extra plastic around the mag release. They gave me a new lower and replaced all the mags I had since they had wear on them. I am very satisfied with the rifle. It is very accurate to at least 50 yrds with my Trijicon reflex. If I had to grab one of my rifles to depend on it would still be my UMP build but I feel I made a ggod purchase and that they will take care of me if something happens to the rifle. It is a smaller company compared to say HK or FNH so I can get over the wait of repairs. Something also for everyone to consider is if we want new technology rifles we have to deal with the hiccups that can happen with any new rifle. If we bash the hell out of a company online we might discourage others from taking a risk of building the next best thing... my 2 cents. Buy a KRISS and a couple other rifles then you'll always have one to shoot and never have to wonder what if I had bought that KRISS

  • Wick Wick on Apr 19, 2012

    I bought my Kriss new about a month ago and it jams at least once a clip and sometimes the clip just falls out. Really dissatisfied with it. The thing is accurate as hell but what's the use if it won't fire. I was hunting hogs this weekend and it took me an hour to creep up on one and I pulled the trigger and could only got one round off. I keep all my weapons meticulously maintained and use good ammo. Bummer. Let ya know what happens with warranty issues.