FNAR 7.62x51mm

Steve Johnson
by Steve Johnson

FN have a new 7.62x51mm (.308) autoloader called the FNAR. It is only available in 7.62x51mm and comes in two models Light barrel and Heavy barrel. It uses AR-10 magazines. (UPDATE: Owners report AR-10 magazines CANNOT be used).

FNAR Light

The FNAR puts autoloading speed and bolt-action accuracy in your hands. Every FNAR rifle must meet a 1 MOA or better accuracy specification, just like the FN SPR precision rifles. The receiver is constructed of aircraft grade alloy for light weight and strength. The fluted barrel is offered in a choice of light or heavy contours and features a hard chrome lining and recessed target crown for accuracy and long life.

The action looks like it is based on the Browning BAR (not to be confused with the Browning Automatic RIfle, which is completely different), a sporting auto-loader. Browning is owned by FN.

Browning BAR Light

These excellent photos were take by TalonArms.com

Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson

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  • Joe Joe on Jan 23, 2012

    shot,looked at, for five yrs, wanted one except for price. shoots like a dream,.well, went to local gun show sat. cheap entertainment,.and first booth had one,for a grand , new,.walked the show, and came back, and handed. him my carry glock for a down payment, and i'll finally have my 308 next season. so glad i did, the 1,000 is caused by a special sale of an over run they are selling off, heavy,20inch, with 2 2o rd clips case,and all pads,shims, saw an ad the night before on internet for 999.00,..but i dont have the cash now,.and the local dealer accepted a trade,and payments ! the gun shows really are a bunch of great family folk,..so patronise your local gun shows,..and i had the best home made 3 dollar bowl of chille i ever had. cooked by the local wives of the gun show people.plud,no shipping,or fees,.. just a normal tax. So see if you can find one on sale,..they will be reg.price very soon ($1500) And as I try to get people to know, "It's not about guns, It's about ypur rights" 2nd ammd.has nothing to do with hunting...it has everything to do with your PERSONAL rights already taken away from the people....

  • Tpeek Tpeek on Aug 03, 2013

    Are the FNAR 7.62x51 built to handle the pressure of a 308 Win round? I know some of the older surplus 7.62 rifles can get damaged with 308 rds because of the 62,000psi chamber pressure. Anyone familiar with this?

    I just bought a FNAR stamped 7.62x51mm with a 20" heavy fluted barrel..I have some 308 Win I would like to shoot in it but don't want to damage the gun.