Hornady Reloading App: Pay For The Features You Need

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by Zac K
Hornady’s app is meant to do the same job as their classic reloading manual. [Hornady]

The times, they are a-changin’. And for evidence of that, check out the new Hornady Reloading App. It’s a 21st-century twist on a very old idea, bringing the company’s reloading handbook data onto your mobile device.

Hornady @ TFB:

Most shooters and certainly almost all reloaders are familiar with the Hornady Handbook of Cartridge Reloading. Currently in its 11th edition, this book is a bible filled with load data for hundreds of cartridges, from tiny poodle-shooter rounds to the .50 BMG. But what if you want all that information—or only some of that information—on your phone? That’s where the Hornady Reloading App comes in.

The information in Hornady's 11th Handbook of Cartridge Reloading can also be had in the app. [Hornady]
Hornady says the new app has all the same features as their reloading handbook.

Like the bound and eBook versions, the new Hornady Reloading App provides everyone from the novice to the seasoned handloader everything needed to successfully reload a variety of rifle cartridges from the 17 Hornet to the 50 BMG and handgun cartridges from the 22 Hornet to the 500 S&W.

There are more than 200 calibers listed in the app with various loads for each, featuring Hornady’s bullet lineup. Each cartridge has velocity and powder charts, with a wide range of powders represented. Hornady says “Popular established powders like Reloader 17, Superformance and LeverEvolution have also been expanded to more cartridges.”

The app has wide functionality, but users can opt to pay for the features they want. [Hornady]
There’s also historical information on many cartridges, advice on bullet selection based on design and your shooting application, and the capability to save range data and other useful information.

The app also has information on the basics of reloading and other tops and techniques, and “limited free data on our newer cartridge releases such as the 6mm Creedmoor, 224 Valkyrie, 300 PRC and more.”

How to pay?

The Hornady Reloading App is free to download and explore—users only have to pay for the information that they want. Hornady says you can buy the whole 11th edition of their Handbook for $19.99 in app form, or “pay $19.99/year for access to the full 11th Edition data, plus new data we develop for the 12th Edition.” But if you only want information on specific cartridges, you can pay 99¢ each.

For more information, check out Hornady’s site here.

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