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IMG_4881 download 2015-05-14 21_11_28-Store Burgess shotgun 2

Burgess Folding Pump Shotgun

Ian of Forgotten Weapons and RIA shows us a rather rare shotgun by Andrew Burgess. It is a 12Ga shotgun that folds for concealment. On top of that he designed it to be a pump action. Due to patents on existing pump actions, Burgess designed his pump action around the [Read More…]


Stealth Engineering Group’s Folding Suppressor (And Other Cool Stuff)

Stealth Engineering Group occupies a small booth on the first floor of the Sands expo center, but their display case is packed¬†with products and engineering ideas. SEG makes suppressors, and advertise a lighter, more accurate,¬†lower cost, and more customizable product [Read More…]