NEW: B&T 4-Position MP5 And APC Folding Stocks

    As I (im)patiently wait for ATF approval of my TPM Outfitters MP5-SD, I am already on the hunt for accessories and upgrades. I’m pretty familiar with the standard H&K collapsible stock, but that doesn’t mean it’s the best option out there. B&T has introduced a folding stock that is adjustable to four different lengths. The cheek weld options look promising, especially when you consider the optional riser that is available.

    As we have stated in the past, B&T products demand a premium price. But when you consider the cost of H&K MP5s and related “clones”, the truth is that it’s all relative. I’m just guessing at a US street price, but $350 seems completely realistic. The APC version will weigh in slightly cheaper at an estimated street price of $250.

    The shoulder stock is length adjustable in four positions and also offers two apertures for attaching carrying straps plus four gromets for attaching carabines. When pressing the locking knob on the left side, the stock can be folded to the right side of the weapon. An optional elevated cheek rest (BT-36371) is available.


    B&T MP5 four-position folding stock:

    • MSRP: $421.50 CHF (~$420 USD)
    • Material:  Polymer
    • Weight:    620 g
    • Version:   Foldable and length adjustable
    • Weapon:  HK MP5, MP5SD
    • Adjusting range: 60 mm

    IMG_4903 IMG_4904


    • MSRP: $293 CHF (~$290 USD)
    • Material: Polymer
    • Weight: 485 g
    • Version: Foldable and lenght adjustable
    • Adjusting range: 60 mm
    • Weapon: B&T APC9/45, APC223/556/300, GL06


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