The Mag Feeder – Compact and Folding AR15 Magazine Loader

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    Magazine loaders – handy tools to have in your range bag if you are going to have a range day involving a lot of shooting. Nowadays, we have a metric ton of options on the market, however, many of those that allow you to load all the 30 rounds into the magazine in a single motion, have one drawback: they are bulky. And that is the reason why folks at Six Axis Development designed The Mag Feeder.

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    The Mag Feeder is a full size 30 round AR-15 magazine loader that is simplified as much as possible with the goal of making it as compact as possible. Not only it is extremely slimline but it also folds in half making the folded package almost as compact as the dimensions of two STANAG magazines. There are also built-in magnets keeping this device in the folded position.

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    The Mag Feeder is made out of high strength polymer. Its design prevents the possibility of damaging the feed lips of the magazine and it is also safe for your hands. There are round count marks (in five round increments) on this device allowing you to control the amount of cartridges that you are going to load into the magazine. As in the case of many other magazine loaders of a similar design, the process of using The Mag Feeder is pretty simple and straightforward. It is well demonstrated in the video embedded below.

    Currently, this magazine loader is available for 5.56/.223 and .300 Blackout cartridges only, however, other caliber compatible versions of The Mag Feeder are in works. According to Six Axis Development, The Mag Feeder is compatible with AR-15 magazines of all brands, styles and materials. As they say: “If it fits in your AR-15 Rifle The Mag Feeder can feed it!“.

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