Update On The F&D Defense XAR Folding Rifle | The Coolest New Rifle We Have Seen

    At the NRA annual meeting, we got a chance to talk with the guys over at F&D Defense about the new XAR folding rifle that got me reasonably excited and it appears that many others are reasonably excited as well. I imagine that the guys over at F&D Defense have been flooded with questions about the new rifle prompting them to put together a FAQ to handle some of the questions.

    F&D Defense says that the first rifles will be available for purchase sometime this summer (2017) with an MSRP of somewhere between $2100 to $2500. They do not release detailed specs on how the first model will be configured, they do ask that instead of asking for more information directly to refer to their website and sign up for email notifications.

    They also address the accuracy and zero repeatability of the XAR going into a bit of detail about how the tapered fitting and latch system works. They say that the prototype rifle was built as an AR-10 in order to test durability and reliability on a more demanding platform. F&D Defense also says that they intend to prove the system through some video as well as offering the rifle to reviewers. Hopefully, we can get our hands on one for testing, we would love to show you guys how the rifle works and put it through the paces.

    Visit the F&D Defense website to sign up for updates or learn more about the XAR folding rifle. You can also read the XAR frequently asked questions to get the details straight from the horse’s mouth about what to expect.