Stealth Engineering Group’s Folding Suppressor (And Other Cool Stuff)

    Stealth Engineering Group occupies a small booth on the first floor of the Sands expo center, but their display case is packed with products and engineering ideas. SEG makes suppressors, and advertise a lighter, more accurate, lower cost, and more customizable product than their competitors. CEO Rob Morrison also designs their products, and is a major “suppressor guy”, able to talk at length about the subject in general. Speaking to him definitely made me wish I knew more about the subject.


    …And now you don’t see me.

    SEG’s most eyecatching product, a very tightly machined folding suppressor mount with modular threads at both ends, was designed to solve a specific problem: According to Rob, the need for quick-detach suppressors led to them being produced with machine tapers – the same high precision male and female tapers used to attach tools to a mill’s spindle, hence the name. This taper works well when a tool is being mounted and dismounted regularly, but users were apparently having problems with quick-detach suppressors sticking to their mounts after hard and constant use, resulting in a can that couldn’t be dismounted from a rifle. Rob’s solution to this was to create a high precision folding suppressor mount, which not only allows for convenient stowage (alongside the gun) of the suppressor when not in use, but also acts as an adapter for mismatched threads on the suppressor and barrel. Threaded segments allow these folding mounts to be modified to accept any sort of thread; and SEG advertises that they mean any sort of thread. If they do not have the tooling to make it, they say they will get it, at not cost in dollars or time to the customer.


    Having a little machine time myself, I was highly impressed with the amount of work put into SEG’s folding suppressor mount. In this version, the latch is integral, but Rob says he is working on a replaceable latch, as it is a wear item.

    If you so desire, you can also get your suppressor in a tempered finish from SEG that is both attractive and, Rob says, twice as durable as a standard finish. This finish is patent pending from SEG, and I am told it involves considerably more than just tempering the can until it’s more colorful. The finish comes in both polished and unpolished styles.


    Finally, SEG also had on display a patented stamped steel suppressor baffle design. This design reduces cost though an inexpensive stamped and folded baffle assembly. SEG advertises suppressors as inexpensive as $200, the cost of a tax stamp.

    Nathaniel F

    Nathaniel is a history enthusiast and firearms hobbyist whose primary interest lies in military small arms technological developments beginning with the smokeless powder era. He can be reached via email at [email protected]