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Highlights of the MEU

The MEU stands for Marine Expeditionary Unit. In this video you get to see Force Recon practicing with their M4s and Colt 1911s.     In the video you get to see a clever rolling target to simulate a moving target.

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TFBTV: (Comment) Myth Busting – Can You Shoot A Pistol Without an Extractor?

In response to a reader comment claiming that handguns will cycle reliably without an extractor, James decides to test this claim in a “mythbuster” style format with several variations, including use of a suppressor and an MP5 with a fluted chamber. Don’t forget to subscribe! The [Read More…]

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CA Legal Bond Arms Handguns

Bond Arms announced four new California compliant handguns at the recent NRA show. They are the: CA Papa Bear: Chambered in .45 Colt, this handgun has extended rubber grips adorned with the California bear. This gun has an automatic extractor that the other models below [Read More…]

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