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Under barrel

Under Barrel Slide Racking

At a local steel match, I saw a shooter rack his pistol in an unusual method. He pinches the front of the slide to pull it rearward but he does so by grabbing the slide from underneath rather than on top. Most people use the slingshot method or the hand over the slide, [Read More…]

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3-D Printed 22LR Revolver

The 3-D printing future for firearms is becoming brighter at an exponential rate. What started just a few years ago with the Liberator from Defense Distributed has morphed into is own collective community, building on collective knowledge and constantly sharing and [Read More…]

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Museums at Normandy

Part of my trip to the UK took my to Le Havre, France. Being so close, I had to go to Normandy and see Omaha Beach. I went to the Normandy American Cemetary. The visitor center has a wonderful exhibit with a few firearms inside. Springfield M1. German [Read More…]

Beretta 92