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Black Rifle Coffee Company – Thin Blue Line Blend

I have been trying to find a way to talk about Dallas for the last week, but each time I tried to put pen to paper I failed miserably. I would like to think that we here at TFB provide quality equipment reviews, news, tips, techniques and other information to our [Read More…]

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Hunting Tips (from a girl): Is there such a thing as a do-it-all round?

One of the common questions seen in hunting groups on social media is some variation on asking what caliber is best for X animal. It pops up everywhere and instantly results in dozens of opinions, all backed by the commenter’s claim of extensive knowledge and [Read More…]


Top 5 Guns I’m Glad I Bought

Everyone has a few purchases that have resulted in no buyer’s remorse whatsoever, and in this list I breaks down five of mine. The firearms on this list can meet a pretty broad set of criteria, ranging from how fun said gun is to how useful it has been over the years. What are the top [Read More…]

GSG Pistol

GSG FireFly Launched

American Tactical officially announced the German Sports Guns (GSG) FireFly pistol introduction into the United States market. If the gun looks familiar to you, it is for good reason. As reported previously, the FireFly is a rebranded version of the discontinued SIG [Read More…]

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Taking a Closer Look at the Cycle: Firing (Operating Systems 201)

In the first post of the 101 level series on firearms operating systems, we briefly described what the word cycle means in terms of the operation of automatic firearms. However, there’s a lot more to the cycle of an automatic firearm than just the completion of [Read More…]

GOvWgPM FBI_Badge__gun-glock P1030632 13442348_10154277122719233_4024460122958614114_n A pistol described by some articles as the Udav, though I have not confirmed this.  Image source: 4HHmwGh