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Glock 35 Exploded

Cowboy Guns posted this on their Facebook Page. Their buddy had a squib in his KKM barrel. According to Cowboy Guns, Glock will fix the gun for $225 and KKM will replace the barrel. Not sure if this was with reloads or factory ammo. However it is very nice that Glock [Read More…]

Brass-Casings 660x300 Four PDW calibers: .22 WMR (Kel-Tec CMR-30 and PMR-30 SMG), .22 SCAMP (Colt SCAMP), 5.7x28mm FN (FN P90), and 4.6x30mm HK (HK MP7).

Modern Personal Defense Weapon Calibers 002: The 4.6x30mm HK

If the 5.7x28mm FN is the first successful modern PDW round, then the 4.6x30mm HK is the second, and its biggest rival. German firm Heckler and developed the microcaliber 4.6mm in the 1990s as a response to a NATO solicitation for a Personal Defense Weapon, to which [Read More…]

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The Modern Civilian PDW Reborn? BreachBangClear Slings a Glock, and It’s Somehow Not Terrible

The National Firearms Act really is a drag. Thanks to its legal restrictions on short barreled rifles, some of the lightest and handiest classes of firearms are substantially restricted from common ownership in the US. The police carbine (semiautomatic short barreled [Read More…]

ff489346a726971bee27ac4c807774ad Keanu AR GB-22-834x469 Group picture of bac1023's entries into the test special-forces-glock-hr DSC_0169 IMG_4336 IMG_4278 14516332_10100819949731488_2346189254536589224_n 5Pxcpef Image source: Konstantin Lazarev, used with permission M1911A1 Glock19Cover IMG_4267 DSC_0125 image Ruger LCP II HG9SCLS 2-Glocks FK BRNO2 Guncrafter Model 4 airdrive2 jeff-gonzales-1500x844 P8152580