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SiCo 007 SIG P225 A1

SIG P225 Returns

SIG SAUER is now shipping the updated P225 pistol. Called the P225-A1, the new handgun looks like the original, but has been upgraded with a short reset trigger and takes advantage of modern manufacturing techniques. The pistol is a single stack 9mm handgun that holds [Read More…]


Llama Micromax

The Llama is back. Resurrecting the Spanish brand, Filipino company Metro Arms is now making handguns under the classic name. One of the new-old pistols is the Micromax. A shrunken 1911 pistol, the Micromax is chambered in .380 ACP. It has the typical controls and [Read More…]

union1 1823 CZ

CZ P-09 and Discovery Channel

This video is intriguing. It is like a roller coaster. It has interesting sections where it shows some of the manufacturing processes that Česká zbrojovka does to make the P-09 pistol.  But then it plummets with unrelated segments and information. I question the [Read More…]

DE44TU Tungsten

Cerakote Tungsten Desert Eagle

Quick… name the coolest gun of the 70’s and the detective who carried it.  Dirty Harry and his S&W Model 29 .44 Magnum.  Hands down.  But what if Magnum Force was written in 2015?  What is the biggest, baddest handgun of modern lore?  Possibly the Desert [Read More…]

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