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The Staggering Human Toll of WWII

While the vast majority of us use guns for defense, fun, and hunting; I believe it necessary to ensure that we never forget the toll by which our freedom comes. Neil Halloran, an animator has come up with an utterly mesmerizing (and sobering) graphic representation of [Read More…]

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Cold Tracer Handgun Ammo

G2 Research announced the introduction of a 9mm tracer round that does not have any heat or accidental fire concerns. G2 Research states the VIP round is safe for use both indoors and outdoors. This video explains more about the new rounds. It also addresses some of [Read More…]

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Reloading the A-10 Warthog

Good to know the most manly of weapons needs an almost equal time to reload compared to its shooting as the men that operate it. It takes a crew of airmen over 30 minutes to reload the Gatling cannon on the Warthog. While the physical loading and unloading is done by [Read More…]

Atlanta Arms 71LsdzEAsSL._SL1000_ 007 2015-05-06 17_15_45-The Mk I Martini-Henry_ Shooting at Longer Ranges - YouTube