Wicked Wing Shotguns from Browning in Mossy Oak Shadow Grass Blades

Browning A5

At the recent SHOT Show, Browning introduced new shotguns under the title of Wicked Wing. While there are variations of each, the autoloading shotguns come down to two basic forms: the A5 and the Maxus. Browning positions these guns as a personalization of your hunting firearm similar to a “lift kit and bigger tires on the truck” or “even a tattoo.” These specific guns features the Mossy Oak Shadow Grass Blades camo pattern.

Wicked Wing A5

One of the obvious things that set the Wicked Wing shotgun apart from the standard A5 is its appearance. The Wicked Wing A5 features a Cerakote Burnt Bronze finish on the barrel and receiver. The composite stock has the Shadow Grass Blades camo pattern.


However, the gun does have a couple of upgrades as well. The shotgun has an oversized bolt release and extended bolt handle for better gun manipulation when wearing gloves. The bore of the barrel is chrome lined.

Right now there are six different versions of the Wicked Wing A5 that are available. All are chambered in 12 gauge, with three having a 3″ chamber and the balance with a 3.5″ chamber. Barrel lengths in 26″, 28″ and 30″ are available with each size chamber. The company is asking $1,829.99 for the 3″ guns and $1,979.99 for the 3.5″ models.

Wicked Wing Maxus

Browning Maxus

Built on the Maxus shotgun, these Wicked Wing guns are similar in the styling and upgrades seen in the A5 models. There are models with 3″ and 3.5″ chambers, but barrel options are fewer: only 26″ and 28″. For the 3″ chambered guns, the company lists the suggested retail price as $1,739. The 3.5″ guns have a MSRP of $1,869.99.

Richard Johnson

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  • Shankbone

    Dammit! I was torn between the A400 and the Maxus, eventually going with the Beretta for my waterfowl gun. The Cerakote and oversized bolt on the WW Maxus make me want to just get both.

  • oyeme

    Have you checked out the FABARM XLR Waterfowler? You really should do so. It will make you even more upset! LOL

  • MissileMech

    I want both!