The New Browning A5 Shotgun

    John Moses Browning’s Auto-5 is back in production, sort of. The newest incarnation of the Auto-5 is the Browning A5. While it has the distinctive Auto-5 “humpback” appearance, inside it is all new. Browning ripped out the nifty long-recoil (recoiling barrel) system and replaced it with a new short-recoil system.

    Browning’s new short recoil system, named the Kinematic Drive System, is almost identical to the Benelli Inertia recoil system. Paolo Benelli invented the Inertia system in the 80s and was granted a patent for it in 1986 (Patent #4604942), thus preventing any competitors from incorporating it into their designs. I believe Browning is the first second company outside the Benelli/Beretta family of companies1 to produce a shotgun using the Inertia system since the patent expired in 2006.

    Browning A5 Stalker
    Browning A5 Hunter
    A5 Camo in Mossy Oak Break-Up Infinity

    Along with a new recoil system, the A5 features Browning’s new Invector DS (Double Seal) choke system. The Invector DS chokes have a brass seal at the base to prevent gas and grit from entering the gap between the inside of the barrel and the outside of the choke. I really hate removing, cleaning and retightening choke tubes, so I am hoping it works as advertised (see below):

    Invector DS (left), Competitors chokes (Center, Right)

    The Browning A5 will be available in 26″, 28″ and 30″ barrel lengths and in wood (A5 Hunter), synthetic (A5 Stalker) and camo (A5 Camo) furniture/finishes. MSRP will range from $1,399 to $1,599.

    Caliber 3″ 12 Gauge
    Capacity 5 rounds
    Receiver Aluminum
    Action Kinematic Drive
    Stock Shim adjustable for length of pull, cast and drop
    Barrel 26″ lightweight profile
    Overall Length 47 5/8″
    Weight 7 lbs. 3 oz.
    Front Sight Fiber optic
    Other Features INFLEX II recoil pad, Speed Load Plus
    Availability 2012

    1. Beretta owns Benelli, Stoeger and Franchi. 

    Steve Johnson

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