New Browning Maxus Shotgun

Steve Johnson
by Steve Johnson

Earlier this month Browning announced, to much fanfare, a new 12 gauge autoloader shotgun called the “Browning Maxus” at the annual sales meeting. Browning have really hyped this shotgun and have called it “The Most Reliable Autoloading Shotgun the World Has Ever Known.”.

The Browning Maxus Stalker model

The Browning Maxus Mossy Oak Duck Blind model

Browning claim the shotgun generates 18% less felt recoil, 44% less muzzle jump, 19% faster bolt speed and 24% faster locktime. The shotgun has a variety of improvements that make this performance increase possible:

* A new gas system called the “Power Drive Gas System” which is cleaner and more reliable with light loads.

* A new trigger called the “Lightning Trigger System” which has an average lock time of .0052 seconds.

* A new recoil pad called the “Inflex Technology Recoil Pad” which claims to decrease muzzle rise (I recently bought a grind-to-fit Limbsaver recoil pad recently that claimed the same thing).

It also has some nice magazine improvements. A feed system called “Speed Load Plus” allows the first shell inserted into the magazine to go directly into the chamber without cycling the action! Don’t ask me how this works but I look forward to examining the magazine system when it makes its way into the gun shops.

Browning have also introduced an improved magazine plug that can be inserted and removed in seconds using a car key.

The shotgun will be offered in two models (see above photos) and each model will be available in either a 3″ chamber or 3 1/2″ chamber and a 26″ barrel or 28″ barrel. Depending on the configuration the price will range from $1,199 – $1,499. It will be available sometime next year (2009).

Photo from An apparent reference
to the fictional Gladiator
Maximus Decimus Meridius

As part of the launch Browning released a video on youtube. It has some very impressive videography. If you are not interested in the shotgun itself skip to the middle to watch the shooting.

Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson

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  • Jeff palarski Jeff palarski on Dec 07, 2012

    Just got my maxus back from factory as gander mtn gunsminth wanted nothing to do with it. First black cloud 31/2 inch load failed to eject after factory service. Looked at enclosed factory lubricating sheet and oiled area suggested with same result, 3 and 2 3/4 loads also jammed. Looking to sell two Maxus at next gun show and buy Benelli

    • David claypool David claypool on Dec 07, 2012

      @jeff palarski I had a similar experiance and thoughts at first: I was quite upset. After urging from a member of this forum, I finally got very arrressive with a carbon wheel wire brush on the bolt and receiver assemblies. That solved it. The gun now eats everything. Haven't had a failure of any kind in the past 800 rounds. Now - I can't imagine not using the Maxus. Love it.

  • Joe Glenn Joe Glenn on Dec 08, 2012

    Received my new Maxus Sporting this week and ran 3 bxs of shells at the skeet range. Unbeleivable how much smoother and softer it shoots than the Vinci I just sold. I have alot of convidence already with this shotgun. Had my instructor with me who is an old Browning fan and he said it shot better than his Gold! Shooting sporting clays tomorrow w some clients. Will post another review as to how it performs.