Apologies: TFB Site Problems Today/Yesterday – All Fixed

We had some issues today after some server changes. Many people were served an old version of the homepage and missed new articles. Additionally for a period of time all articles were giving 404 errors.

In case you missed any articles from today, here they all are:

  1. Hazard 4 Unique Rifle Cases, Ponchos, Packs | SHOT 2017

  2. Robinson Armament Updates .308 XCR-M Rifle | SHOT 17

  3. World’s First Polymer Pistol was a Makarov!?

  4. DragonTail Kevlar Pull Through Cleaner | SHOT 2017

  5. Rite in the Rain Waterproof Targets | SHOT 2017

  6. The LAPA SM Modelo 3 SMG: Guns of Nelmo Suzano

  7. TFB @ Q Headquarters – The Fix Is In

  8. Kalashnicohn’s U.S. Made Vityaz , Interchangeable Magazine Wells | SHOT 2017

  9. Manticore’s PGS Hybrid Magazine for EVO | SHOT 2017

  10. The B&T USW – Universal Service Weapon and Aimpoint Nano in detail (many pictures)

  11. The Patriot Pin for California

  12. Belated NYE Special: If Calibers Were Famous? NSFW/NSFL

  13. Review: Folding Matchstick Revolver

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  • Keiichi

    Whew… here I thought it was a early Groundhog Day…

    Where’s Bill Murray when you need him?

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      We have entered an endless recursion of time…

    • Phillip Cooper

      Thursday, AMC, alldamnday.

      Can’t wait. Murray is a Genius!

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    Oh hello. I was wondering where you guys went.

    I had to get news from TTAG!

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    Thanks for all the coverage of SHOT SHOW!

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    The Russians probably hacked it….

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      Literally LOL…

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    I was a voice in the wilderness….warning of overheating the servers with “heated” discussions about the new M17 adoption of SIG over Glock, the Ladies of Shot Show II, the “Glock vs_____(fill in the blank), the “1911 vs_____(fill in the blank)…..and what was the result? Had to replace servers…..which left me marooned “watching” reruns of Fixer Upper with my wife….the horror…