Manticore’s PGS Hybrid Magazine for EVO | SHOT 2017

    Illinois based Manticore Arms has ruffled up some feathers again by introducing CZ Scorpion EVO magazines, both translucent but in clear and “Smoke Tint” polymer colors. Both are $29.95 and will be available by late February or March of this year through Prepper Gun Shop’s online base. Feed lips are metal, and are within the polymer bodies. Capacity is 32 rounds, with round markers along the side of the magazines at 12,22, and 32 respectively. They can be easily disassembled via a floor plate at the bottom of the magazine. The magazines also count for 922r compliance, so that frees up room to add more parts or retain foreign parts for the actual EVO firearm. The magazines have also been tested in both semi-automatic and fully automatic modes for functionality.

    Manticore Arms has a very distinct advantage when it comes to being a firearms parts manufacturer because although it is a very small company, this allows it to be extremely nimble, making parts for a wide number of firearms to include the Tavor, AUG, AR, Kalashnikov, EVO, among others. It also can respond very quickly to demand from both customers and industry, often turning around mere months after a firearm release with a new after-market part for it.


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