Kalashnicohn’s U.S. Made Vityaz , Interchangeable Magazine Wells | SHOT 2017

    Kalashnicohn is bringing to market Vityaz, completely manufactured in the United States. Apart from the few parts that are subcontracted out, the machining and receiver stamping is manufactured at the companies store in Phoenix, Arizona. Compared to the clone being brought in by Kalashnikov USA, Kalshnicohn’s version might not be as matching when it comes to collector value, but it does accomplish the job of an affordable SBR, pistol, or rifle that comes with interchangable magazine wells. Currently the magazine wells offered are for MP5, Glock, and of course original Vityaz magazines. Removing them is through a simple pin outside of the trigger guard. Pistol variants will come without the folding stock, while rifle variants will come with a faux suppressor attached. Of course, one can order the Vityaz in SBR form with the folding stock and sub 16″ barrel. If you notice that there aren’t any dimples where the safety should slide into, this is intentional. Customers can request dimples, or even cut them out themselves. The company has had too much conflicting information when it comes to what customers want, that it is just easier to leave it plain.

    Much ado has been made about pistol caliber Kalashnikovs in the United States, certainly a rising genre of firearms, especially for pistol caliber carbine competitions across the country as well. Kalashnicohn has been making pistol caliber Kalashnikovs for years now and certainly has the experience to bring the products to fruition and at a standard many can accept. Especially when looking at the MSRP, Kalashnicohn is already showing off a firearm that beats many of the other players in the Vityaz market.


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