Rite in the Rain Waterproof Targets | SHOT 2017

    Tacoma based Rite in the Rain has made a name for themselves with their extremely durable outdoor waterproof line of notebooks and paper. This year the company is delving into shooting targets with the same durability that the company has been known for. In fact, the company set up a water display where water was actually dripping on the targets throughout SHOT. Currently the company offers a number of target formats, pictured below are specific self defense formats and U.S. Army qualification targets. The qualification ones even have handy measurements for zero and shot placement reference measurements printed on them and behind them. There are other target formats available, just not for display at SHOT.

    Apart from the waterproofing properties, I would imagine that these targets print much better than normal target paper when it comes to representing the actual round passing through the paper because the added durability.

    Making paper targets waterproof does raise the cost of your standard paper target, so it probably wouldn’t be ideal for a training company or person to order these targets by bulk order. But I can absolutely see having some of these on hand in the sporadic case of shooting on particularly snowy or rainy days.


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