DragonTail Kevlar Pull Through Cleaner | SHOT 2017

    DragonTail is a firearms cleaning company out of Minnesota that has been bringing cleaning products to market since 2014. They are an alternative to the extremely popular Boresnake currently put out by Hoppe’s. The Boresnake is probably one of those products that will have very far reaching effects many years from now because of the pure simplicity it has brought to readily cleaning barrels. It doesn’t do as good a job as several patches running through a barrel, but it certainly bridges the gap between nothing and those patches you might have left at home.

    DragonTail has some innovative answers to deficiencies that they perceive the Boresnake has. First, the outer material is entirely made out of braided Kevlar. Now, correct me or them if this is wrong, but Kevlar compared to Nylon will let solvent out, instead of keeping it in. Because of the structure of both on a microscopic level. Thus, with a Boresnake, after a number of pulls through a barrel, the material could get clogged with solvent and debris. Whereas with a DragonTail, the excess material is allowed to get pushed to the outside. However, more innovative is DragonTail’s method of implementing bulges towards the end of the cord, actually pushing the cord into the grooves of the rifling, and rotating it as it goes through.

    Technological gimmick, or actual advantage, I think it is worthy to highlight an alternative to a certain product to show what is out there when it comes to cleaning choices.



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