New AR-magazines from HERA Arms. Plus prices for the CQR stock and grip

The latest HERA H3 Polymer Magazine 30 round with transparent frame are around the corner.

The magazine lead time is about 3-4 weeks. It’s a re-design from the Gen 1.5, and these are the new Gen 2.0. To be perfectly honest, I’ve tried one of the earlier generations (not sure which, but most likely Gen 1.0) and it didn’t work very well in my rifle. This could be a coincidence, I don’t know, but these magazines look much better and I hope they work well for people. Try one would be my suggestion.

Hopefully TFB can get a few to try and review.

Update: I am going to get a few HERA magazines to try and review.

LAN World Inc.are the people to contact if you are interested. I would think that their phone lines and emails are on fire by this time.

The new magazines are available in Black, Olive Drab and Tan. The window seems to be very transparent. As you can see they’ve got 5,56 NATO written along the side, and the texture along the short side seem to be very grip friendly. The texture follows up along the transparent surface too.



LAN World have also released prices for the HERA CQR stock and grip.

Their words: “it is on fire right now“. I can understand that. It’s an interesting design, makes me wanna buy it and tear one of my rifle apart to try the looks.

I had expected much higher prices, perhaps 2 times higher or more, so the pricing comes as a pleasant surprise.


California stock will be $124.00

Normal stock will be $119.00

Front grip will be $39.00


Just in case you missed it, links to the HERA articles again.


Germany’s HERA Arms work with LAN World for California legal rifle

HERA Arms CQR Stock and CQR Front grip

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  • Henry Reed

    One cool release after another. Count me in if the stock is A5-compatible.

  • BearSlayer338

    Cool AR15 parts that aren’t overpriced,which is amazing because I was assuming that the stock and front grip might be too expensive for me to build my AR90.(5.7×28 upper that takes 50 round P90 mags + this stock and front grip)

    • Maximilian Johannes Benning

      That is going to be a seriously cool build

    • b0x3r0ck

      I kind of wish if they are going into the Mag business if they remade the P90 Mag to be able to use 9mm and 22tcm. They could also remake ar57 upper to use both normal 9mm Mag and p90 by being able to switch ejection from down to up like the arx100(left or right).

    • Joe

      Is the price of the PS90 why 5.7 AR’s are attractive?
      I think this furniture and a Glock-mag SBR are as close to a 9mm PS90 as I’m going to get.
      Wish they offered gray, but Krylon will take care of that.

    • TJbrena

      When you finish that build, hopefully it’ll become a POTD here. Certainly sounds like it’d look great.

  • PK

    That’s the price? Really? Yes, please. I’ll be buying a set or two of the stock and foregrip for certain!

  • Holy Krag, man– realistic prices for something that looks not only super cool, but highly durable and functional!

  • Dickie

    Release date???

  • Dr. Longfellow Buchenrad

    The AR market seems saturated with options right now so you really need to do something that stands out to make good sales and I think HERA has done exactly that. Im not sure how many people right now really need more mags, but Im sure they will still sell a good number just because they make interesting products.

    • David Harmon

      Mags are a wear item, you can never have enough…

  • MichaelinPA

    Ugh those magazines look nice except for the floor plate. If the tabs are anything like the troy magazines they will break off on first disassembly.

  • TexasToasted

    Really like the looks of the windowed magazines, but the reviews kept me from buying the first generation. I went ahead and ordered a few of these new versions just assuming they’ve worked out the kinks 🙂

  • Porty1119

    They are going to sell a truckload of these things at that price.

  • DIR911911 .

    I like them putting the caliber on the magazines. maybe this would have saved a few of the kaboom pics we’ve seen on here.

    • Renato H. M. de Oliveira

      The best thing of 300BLK is also its worst thing: it’s interchangeable with 223 Rem in all but barrel.

      So, unless these mags are physically incompatible with 300BLK (which I think it’s impossible for a 223 Rem mag), we’ll still get kabooms with them.

      More important than correctly identifying your mags is to top them up accordingly.

  • TheNotoriousIUD

    I think these are the first truly original AR parts ive seen in a while.
    And affordable.

  • DekNgo

    I just checked Lan World’s site and can’t find the CQR stock and/or grip anywhere. Are these actually for sale yet?

    • Aptoitos

      Not until 2017 some time

  • A Fascist Corgi

    This company is churning out really cool looking products. It’s like bringing video game firearms into the real world.

  • Madcap_Magician

    I figured out what this is.

    It’s the gun equivalent of Fifty Shades of Grey.

    Which was sex written by a virgin.

    This is gun design by a California sci-fi computer gamer.

    … not that it isn’t kinda cool.

  • Whoa, $129 is super-cheap compared to what I expected. I’ve got a Form 1 Glock mag lower lying around with an MOE stock on it… maybe it’s time to finish that up.

  • Ebby123

    Is the front grip a “Vertical Grip” according to the ATF? It would make a sweet addition to a pistol PDW build I’m wrapping up.

    • mig1nc

      That’s an excellent question.

    • Andrew

      According to BATFE, a VFG is 90° to the bore of the weapon. That’s more like 55°, so it looks good for a pistol to me

      Disclaimer: not a lawyer

  • Phil Hsueh

    Any word on if they plan on offering factory made 10/30 mags?

  • Core

    I like the direction they are going. I would like to see lightweight and ergonomic furniture. I spent the day humping around a mountain with a M4A1 SOPMOD clone yesterday, and I would definitely like a better Human interface than a M4/A2 stock and DD RIS with TD dildo foregrip. Just keep the weight minimal.

  • valorius

    Is the afg ATF approved on an AR pistol?