HERA Arms CQR Stock and CQR Front grip

    TFB very recently reported about the California Legal CQR stock for AR15s.

    There was a hint that another “all other states” version of this stock, plus a front grip, was around the corner.

    Expecting to have to wait for a month or two for this to be released, we’re happy to show these products now rather than later.

    The new HERA package consists of a CQR stock, now with an open pistol grip as well as a CQR front grip.

    The only difference between the “normal” CQR and the “California” CQR is the addition of a “removable” machined aluminum plate, which prevents your fingers from accidentally – and illegally – gripping your fingers around a pistol grip.

    As you can see the CQR front grip has a rather special design.

    In fact I’ve never seen anything like it on an AR15, but I’m sure my ignorance will be pointed out in the comments section below.

    I’m a bit surprised, I actually like the design. I’m telling myself I should hate it, but I don’t. I just can’t, it looks very cool and I think I want one.

    A friend of mine’s comment was: “At least I don’t hate it“. That’s one way of putting it.

    However, looking at the ergonomics I have a hard time to understand how the handling of the rifle will benefit in any way? But the parts are said to be “light weight”, but there’s no mentioning on how light.

    Also, at least with the length of the hand guard pictured, it’s not possible to attach a bipod. Then again, some might never have that need, and most rifles aren’t  7.5″ SBRs.

    The looks are very computer game friendly, and I wouldn’t be surprised if we see the HERA front grip in future games, in a virtual reality where you don’t have to worry about carrying the extra weight.

    With a longer hand guard and barrel than pictured, I’m not sure that the design will look as good.

    The barrel length is definitely SBR, it looks like their 7.5″ or possibly their 11.5″.


    Note the EOTech sight and Magpul PMAG D60 drum.

    I can only presume that the German HERA design team took more than a few influences from the FN Herstal P90 submachine gun in 5,7×28 mm. (Yes I am aware that the P90 is a bullpup and the AR15 is not).



    FN Herstal P90


    It’s stretching it a bit, but there are some features that resemble with the bullpup IWI Tavor, or even the Steyr AUG or Kriss Vector. If you want to stretch your imagination about the looks even further, you can go Star Trek  Klingon Sword Bat’leth.


    IWI Tavor flat top

    Below is the California legal version again, without the front grip, to compare the designs. Now I wonder how the CQR stock would look on a Ruger Precision Rifle?

    2016-10-25 16.45.20

    Some more facts:

    The new stock and grip could be available in about 4-6 weeks. There’s no pricing mentioned yet, other than it should be “attractive“. The standard version and California version will have 2 separate part numbers and different pricing.

    The stock will come in 3 color choices, Black, FDE and OD Green.

    The CQR front grip will be sold separately as well as with the butt stock.

    There are separate aluminum spacers to adjust the length of pull.

    The bottom plate on the stock comes off to expose a picatinny mounting rail for a rear mono-pod, like the B&T Industries Accu-Shot. I think the Magpul PRS Precision stock has a similar feature, and it can be retrofitted to the Magpul UBR as well.

    According to LAN World Inc. -“We will have our first samples in about 1-1.5 weeks. Once we have the samples we will make a product video, like we usually do. This will help answer a lot of questions that most of you are asking as well as showing installation.”

    In the USA you can check with LAN World Inc. for more information as it comes available. They are also taking pre-orders if you want a stock with your name on it, perhaps just before Christmas?

    Meanwhile you should also check out the pretty cool HERA Arms AR-15 builder. Unfortunately, I’m pretty sure that only (some of) the furniture is available in the US, not the complete rifles. There’s nothing wrong in dreaming about parts and rifles one cannot afford or cannot get…


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