Germany’s HERA Arms work with LAN World for California legal rifle

    LAN World Inc. started over 13 years ago in Salt Lake City, Utah, as a provider of California compliant firearms.

    I am certainly no expert on the California firearms legislation, but with new upcoming and stricter rules (sigh) LAN World have been working with HERA Arms in Germany for several months on a new design that will meet the new 2017 California laws.

    The pictures show the California option, called HERA Arms CQR Stock.

    There will be another version for other states, and according to rumors there will also a CQR front grip, with a very special design.

    The design will allow for normal magazine drops.

    The design will work with carbine buffer tubes.

    There is no mentioning of available calibers yet, but .223 Remington is a safe bet.

    HERA Arms also work with 9×19 mm and .300 Whisper. In fact, their 9 mm rifles look very nice, with dedicated 9 mm lowers.

    Below: Note the subtle Magpul PMAG D60 in the picture, as well as HERA magazines. I have tried the HERA Arms magazines, and at least my rifles didn’t like them at all. The handguard looks very nice.

    2016-10-25 16.45.20

    Note the “HERA Gmbh” on the back of the CQR stock. GmbH stands for “Gesellschaft mit beschr√§nkter Haftung”, which is German for a “company with limited liability”.The HERA Arms safety stands out.

    2016-10-25 16.45.28

    The design reminds me a little bit of the H&K SL8.

    (In fact, HERA Arms probably have the coolest SL8 accessories I’ve ever seen, almost wanting me to get one. However that design is pretty far from the pictures above, and makes the SL8 look more like the Magpul Masada rifle.)


    HERA Arms SL8 conversion.


    I know, nobody likes or prefers pistol grips that are integrated in the stock, but all in all I think the HERA Arms design is pretty successful.

    What do you think of the design? Light the comments section up below with your input.


    At the moment there is no pricing, and the parts are being setup for production.

    LAN World’s webpage can be found here:

    HERA Arms can be found here:

    LAN World is also the official California distributor for Beretta USA, Kahr Arms and Stag Arms.

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