New AR-magazines from HERA Arms. Plus prices for the CQR stock and grip

    The latest HERA H3 Polymer Magazine 30 round with transparent frame are around the corner.

    The magazine lead time is about 3-4 weeks. It’s a re-design from the Gen 1.5, and these are the new Gen 2.0. To be perfectly honest, I’ve tried one of the earlier generations (not sure which, but most likely Gen 1.0) and it didn’t work very well in my rifle. This could be a coincidence, I don’t know, but these magazines look much better and I hope they work well for people. Try one would be my suggestion.

    Hopefully TFB can get a few to try and review.

    Update: I am going to get a few HERA magazines to try and review.

    LAN World Inc.are the people to contact if you are interested. I would think that their phone lines and emails are on fire by this time.

    The new magazines are available in Black, Olive Drab and Tan. The window seems to be very transparent. As you can see they’ve got 5,56 NATO written along the side, and the texture along the short side seem to be very grip friendly. The texture follows up along the transparent surface too.



    LAN World have also released prices for the HERA CQR stock and grip.

    Their words: “it is on fire right now“. I can understand that. It’s an interesting design, makes me wanna buy it and tear one of my rifle apart to try the looks.

    I had expected much higher prices, perhaps 2 times higher or more, so the pricing comes as a pleasant surprise.


    California stock will be $124.00

    Normal stock will be $119.00

    Front grip will be $39.00


    Just in case you missed it, links to the HERA articles again.


    Germany’s HERA Arms work with LAN World for California legal rifle

    HERA Arms CQR Stock and CQR Front grip

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