Liberty Ammunition Introduces 30-06 Round

Liberty Ammunition

Liberty Ammunition announced that its new 30-06 load is now shipping. The new round is part of the company’s Animal Instinct line of hunting ammo. It features a 100 grain copper monolithic hollow point bullet that has a nickel jacket. The bullet is designed to fragment upon impact with soft tissue while still providing enough penetration to ensure lethality.

Liberty Ammunition states the bullet leaves the muzzle at more than 3,500 fps and has more than 2,700 foot pounds of energy. The company claims 1 MOA accuracy at 500 yards with a wound channel that is 16″ deep and┬ámore┬áthan 5″ wide. This is very similar to its .308 load (NSFW link.)

As with all premium ammunition, this is not cheap. A box of 20 rounds will set you back $59.49 per MSRP. Actual retail prices will likely be less expensive.

I’ve used the company’s handgun and .223 rounds fairly extensively in the last couple of years. I’ve found the ammunition to be accurate and as reliable as any other. I expect that the new 30-06 rounds will also prove to be good performers.

I know there are 125 grain bullet loads available from a number of manufacturers including Barnes, Federal and Hornady. I can’t think of any that are currently making a 100 grain (or lighter) round. Does anyone know of any, or is Liberty on their own?

Richard Johnson

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  • gordon

    Are the Wachowski uhhh… sisters(?) doing commercials now?;-)

  • Gary Kirk

    Don’t know if they’re still being made, but do still occasionally find a box here and there..

    • Marvin

      Great idea but the sabot material construction was garbage. Shoot more than 5 through a barrel in rapid succession and have a look with a bore scope.

    • RocketScientist

      Big problem with those is the spin-rate of most .30-06 barrels isn’t correct for the much shorter projectiles, so from what I’ve heard accuracy with these was all over the map. I’m guessing due to their pure-copper (no lead) construction these liberty pills, though being considerably lighter than a standard -06 projo, are likely about the same length as a typical lead-cored one (and so the typical 1:10 rate should work, or at least work better than with the accelerator rounds). Just a reasonable guess though, haven’t shot either of them.

  • Mud

    Any .30 cal bullet loaded to 30-06 specs will decimate a gel block……. This is dumb. If your dead set on spending $60 fox a box of ammo at least be sure you’re getting lathe turned solids for that.

    • derpmaster

      Precisely, 30-06 150-180gr SP is about as proven as it gets for making things extremely dead and can be had for $17.50 a box, plus it will devastate a gel block. I can’t blame anyone for trying to “innovate” but this is little more than a niche toy round. If you really want to get wild, your money is better spent on a reloading press.

      • iksnilol

        But this goes faster, flatter trajectory.

        I think the Swedes use a sabot 4.x mm load in their sniper rifles because they found the lessened flight time compensated for the worse BC or something.

        • Giolli Joker

          Yep, but they don’t have to drop a deer or similar with that…

          • iksnilol

            Nah, just people.

      • Sunshine_Shooter

        As to spending your money on a reloading press, $60 won’t get you very far, yet it will get you 20 rounds ready to fire. If you meant you’d be better off buying a reloading press and components to make ~200 rounds, then it wouldn’t matter what bullet you were talking about (besides the super cheap plinking rounds).

    • Mud

      Just don’t shoot this stuff in your CMP Garand without due diligence.

  • d_grey

    While a bit unrelated to the post, which is superior: JHP or JSP?

    • Sunshine_Shooter

      As with everything in life, in what context?

      • d_grey

        Personal protection.

    • ostiariusalpha

      With the same size bullets, HP will have an advantage in ballistic coefficient and SP will have an advantage in weight. Other than that, any two well-constructed expanding bullets will have equal terminal effectiveness.

  • Verner

    Got to admit, that looks cool! Not that it is any way proof of effectiveness.

  • Marvin

    Lapua used to sell an aluminum cored, gilding metal jacketed projectile for “running deer competitions” in Finland named the L403 it was 4,7 g/ 73 grs. Muzzle velocity (.308 WIN) was in the region of 3790fps (24in barrel). Data from the First edition Vihtavuori load manual. Now with these light bullets, the ballistic coefficient is usually in the mid .2s G1bc But with these monolithic bullets and a sectional density of .151ish they can be quite effective on thin skinned game. Due to velocity and bullet construction/type design.

    • Giolli Joker

      Lehigh offers a 78grs CQB bullet in .308 as well.

  • DetroitMan

    Interesting tech, but somebody should tell Liberty that a 5″ wound channel and fragmentation are NOT desirable for hunting. At least for those of us who hunt for meat, that is.

  • 22winmag

    Liberty handgun rounds are phenominal, but I too doubt the worth of their rifle rounds. BTW- I get a full 2,000fps with their 60gr .40S&W in a 4 inch barrel and 2,650fps out of the 16 inch barrel of my .40S&W SUB2000 rifle. Very accurate too.