Liberty Ammunition Introduces 30-06 Round

    Liberty Ammunition

    Liberty Ammunition announced that its new 30-06 load is now shipping. The new round is part of the company’s Animal Instinct line of hunting ammo. It features a 100 grain copper monolithic hollow point bullet that has a nickel jacket. The bullet is designed to fragment upon impact with soft tissue while still providing enough penetration to ensure lethality.

    Liberty Ammunition states the bullet leaves the muzzle at more than 3,500 fps and has more than 2,700 foot pounds of energy. The company claims 1 MOA accuracy at 500 yards with a wound channel that is 16″ deep and┬ámore┬áthan 5″ wide. This is very similar to its .308 load (NSFW link.)

    As with all premium ammunition, this is not cheap. A box of 20 rounds will set you back $59.49 per MSRP. Actual retail prices will likely be less expensive.

    I’ve used the company’s handgun and .223 rounds fairly extensively in the last couple of years. I’ve found the ammunition to be accurate and as reliable as any other. I expect that the new 30-06 rounds will also prove to be good performers.

    I know there are 125 grain bullet loads available from a number of manufacturers including Barnes, Federal and Hornady. I can’t think of any that are currently making a 100 grain (or lighter) round. Does anyone know of any, or is Liberty on their own?

    Richard Johnson

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