NSFW Photo – Liberty Ammunition’s 100 grain, 3,500 FPS .308 Load Now Shipping

    liberty ammunition

    Liberty Ammunition announced its new .308 Win load is now shipping. This load uses a 100 grain monolithic copper hollow point that is loaded to a velocity of 3,500 fps.

    According to the company this load holds 1 MOA to 500 yards, plus offers reduced felt recoil. “You’ll love the match grade accuracy and your shoulder will thank you for the lower recoil,” said Matt Phillips, the vice president of sales and marketing for Liberty Ammunition.

    The new load is part of the company’s Animal Instinct line of hunting ammunition. The below photo shows the exit wound of one of these rounds on a 150 pound hog. The shot was taken at about 75 yards.

    308 Hog

    Liberty Ammunition states the hollow point bullet is completely lead free and is designed to fragment.

    Although it is marketed as a hunting round, it is possible that it could have other applications as well. The company states the round creates a wound channel that is greater then 5″ wide and roughly 16″ deep. Assuming the round does offer excellent accuracy, it may be worth investigating for law enforcement and other sniper use. The traditional 168 grain BTHP match loads are notorious for over-penetration in soft targets, and many law enforcement agencies have moved or are moving away from them.

    The rounds are not cheap, however. The suggested retail price on these is $51.99 for a box of 20.

    Richard Johnson

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