Liberty’s Animal Instinct

    Liberty Ammunition is launching a new line of ammo called Animal Instinct. The new ammunition line is specifically designed for hunting.

    The first load in the line is a .308 Win round that uses a 100 grain monolithic copper hollow point bullet with a nickel jacket. The company lists the muzzle velocity as 3,500 fps. For the folks pulling out their calculators, that works out to be about 2,700 ft-lbs of energy.

    Regular readers may recall that I wrote about this round in October. It appears that Liberty Ammunition decided to position this round as the anchor in its new hunting line rather than simply add it to the Silverado line that is occupied by the 55 grain .223 Rem load. I do not know if the company plans on deleting the Silverado branding in favor of Animal Instinct.

    liberty ammunition

    According to the company, shooters can expect about 16″ of penetration with massive trauma exceeding 5″ in diameter in the wound track. I’ve been hoping to put together a hog hunt here in Florida with this ammo, but haven’t been able to make it happen yet. When I do, I will make sure I share the results.

    You can check out my prior article on this .308 load here. Someone previously asked me about the company’s decision to use nickel plating on the copper bullets. As was explained to me by the engineer behind the design, nickel offers higher lubricity with less bore fouling than copper.

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