Webley & Scott MkI was the first auto-loading pistol adopted by the London Metropolitan Police and UK military (Royal Navy). Collector Roy Shadbolt writes …

Something a little different for you chaps. A photograph showing a Webley & Scott MkI (model 1913 commercial) in .455″ WWI grouping. The pistol is in unused/unfired condition and is not the Navy issued model but a commercial ‘private purchase’ example. A full set of WWI Sam Browne pattern officers equipment, including belt, shoulder straps (pair) Navy pattern holster and Navy issue multi-magazine pouch.

Thanks Roy!



  • Stephen Beat

    Wonderful stuff! I read a excellent article in ‘Guns & Ammo’ ages ago about the Webley SLP, the author seemed to really enjoy firing it and was very complementary. The major draw-back (I believe, *I am not and expert*) was the leaf spring? I can’t believe that this – at one point – was all that RFC pilots were armed with as defence against German aircraft! 🙂

    • Iggy

      By all means correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t the RFC use the Webley-Scott Autorevolver? Because I thought there was otherwise an issue with having cartridges ejecting into your face, whilst firing from the cockpit.

      • Stephen Beat

        To be honest I think they used *anything* they could lay their hands on (mostly privately purchased). Anything from Winchester lever action to grappling hooks! I think the first successful use of a actual machine gun was by a Frenchman in 1914. I know the Germans early weapon was the Broom-handeled Mauser, I suppose this would pose the same cartridge ejection problem.

        • Iggy

          The sad thing is I remember reading an account of the development of aerial warfare and in the early days of WWI enemy pilots apparently used to just wave to each other when they passed on reconnaissance missions, then someone had the bright idea of bringing a pistol along and it all just kinda escalated from there.

          • Stephen Beat

            Yep, there’s ALWAYS one a-hole that has to spoilt things for everyone else! 😉

      • Tom

        For the British (not sure about the others but I suspect it was the same) officers had to purchase their own kit including handgun. The only restriction was that it used service ammunition so ether the .455 Webley Revolver or auto round (which was .465 IIRC) could be used. Most just went with the standard Webley revolver of course.

  • The Forty Twa’

    On a bit of a tangent but it wasn’t that long ago that police officers in Great Britain could book out a firearm for a shift if they felt like it and had been so authorised by their Inspector (firing six shots at a bit of paper at 10 yards in my Grandfathers case, three had to hit…!). Both my Father and Grandfather served in the police (as I do now) and both were regularly armed during nightshifts especially.

    The tradition of the unarmed British bobby is something of a myth!

  • Sulaco

    Wow not small is it? Should have known it from the caliber .455 more like Luger in size.

  • Dat gat is da illest.