British Army Buy 1 million Magpul EMAGs

Gear Scout reports that the British Army have purchased 1 million Magpul EMAGs. The EMAG (Export Magazine) is slightly different from the PMAG in order to better accommodate a wider variety of firearms which take STANAG magazines.

Gear Scout also mention that the EMAG now has windows, or MagLevel as Magpul calls them, on each side.

Steve Johnson

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  • SoulTown

    Magpul gear: 1
    Overpriced HK junk: 0

  • leopard

    I’m guessing EMags won’t be that readily available for civvies in the US market for the next year or so.

  • SpudGun

    I’m surprised by this purchase, I thought the Brits had a long standing relationship with HK including magazines. I wonder what happened?

  • Bill

    Ah, all of Magpul’s R&D pay off big time. Here’s to hoping that civilian products that have been delayed (i.e. MOE+ grip, RSA (rail sling attachment), MS3 sling) are now accelerated.

  • oscar Kavanagh

    It’s nice to see the British army is buying off the shelf for once and putting aside Its obsession with having a sovereign defense industry

  • John C.

    Thats right…the Pmags dont fit in their L85s

  • Lance

    I’ve heard that British steel STANAG mags where not functioning well in the L-85A1 But i don’t get the fascination with the plastic P-mag?

  • Vitor

    Lance, the fascination with plastic mags is that they are…light!

    For a soilder carrying a lot of stuff over the hills of Afghanistan, every ounce matters.

  • jdun1911

    HK magazine are junk. Easily damage when drop on the feed lips, heavy, and have very weak spring. It work well when it’s new but choke well before its life cycle ends.

    This is what I don’t get about Magpul. GI magazine work across the board but Pmag only work on AR15. They create Emag which work like it suppose to but yet they still keep Pmag. They keep telling BS stories like Pmag is optimize for AR15

  • Lance

    Ive carried 30rd Aluminum GI mags they art heavyer thana P-mag or Orlite mag which are plastic.

    I just dont get it. But its ok there ok mags.

  • Keith Applegate

    Standard P-Mags work fine on just about everything except HK rifles and Bullpups. And that’s because the HK 416 is not made to mil-specs and some other rifles out there are made on the small side of the STANAG specifications. Some of the bullpup rifles have mag wells that just won’t accept all magazines. Especially since STANAG specs don’t establish dimentions for the size or amount of curve beyond the parameters of the magwell. Since a bullpup rifle houses the magazine in the stock some have a deeper magwell than standard.

    Robinsons, Daewoos, Kel-Tecs, Armalite 180Bs, SCARs, Bushmaster ACRs, etc. all work just fine with P-Mags.

    As for the weight issue mentioned above… The aluminium USGI mag isn’t nearly as tough as a P-Mag.

  • charles222

    Have you ever carried them in combination with 110 pounds of other equipment?

    Anyway. P-mags are a hell of a lot more rugged and well-made than USGI are. I love mine, and kudos to the Brits for buying quality magazines.

  • jdun1911

    HK magazine are steel. When a full or partially loaded HK magazine drop on the feed lip there is a good chance that the lip will be damage. This is due to the increase weight of HK magazine. It also doesn’t help when HK use very very cheap spring.

  • jdun1911

    Tell me if Standard GI mag work in HK416 and every rifle that accept standard GI mag who do you think is out of spec? HK or Magpul?

    I have Pmag that won’t drop free from lowers, yet my GI mag, Lancer, etc have no trouble. Tell me who is out of spec here? The manufacture of the lower or Magpul.

    By creating Emag Magpul admitted that the Pmag does not work across the board. They should get rid of Pmag and make Emag the standard.

  • Lance

    A H&K 416 will use GI mags the USMC adoptited one that dose.