Magpul 5.56mm EMAG and 7.62mm PMAG

    At SHOT magpul have displayed their new EMAG and a 7.62mm PMAG.

    There is not much information available and some of the forums I have read are saying contradictory things. This is my take on it, I may be wrong and if I am I will update this post with the correct information.

    The EMAG is a 5.56mm slick-sided STANAG magazine. It is compatible with all rifles that use STANAG magazines, such as the HK416, FN2000, Steyr AUG (NATO variant) and many other rifles civilian and military . This is a very clever move by Magpul and could dramatically increase their export sales.


    The 7.62mm PMAG is compatible with SR-25 compatible rifles and the Magpul Massoud.

    seven point six two 🙂

    LaRue Tactical with what appears to be a PMAG

    UPDATE: I was right (that does not happen very often!). EMAG is short for Export Magazine. It will retail for $22.95.

    Click to expand.

    One more teaser photo from Magpul after the jump (frontpage is currently clogged up with photos)


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